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  • n. Plural form of spellbinder.


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  • The author uses the term "spellbinders" to describe psychological snake charmers who appear to be saviors, enlightened thinkers/politicians, even activists who present themselves as possessing insights based on research uniquely carried out by themselves or information gained through extraordinary channels to which no one else has access.


  • It may be helpful at this point to review the characteristics of sociopathic 'spellbinders' as they are sometimes called.

    The Existentialist Cowboy

  • "spellbinders" had succeeded beyond my hopes in rousing partizan passion -- but here again part of the credit belongs to Woodruff.

    The Plum Tree

  • It would be okay if this was a case of one man's self-delusion, but Nader had accomplices, media spellbinders who helped spread those impeachable lies.

    Marvin Kitman: See Ralph Run

  • The men cease being spellbinders and become people with poignant care and concern.

    When Irish Guys Are Beguiling

  • The attitude of most normal people to such spellbinders is generally critical, pained and disturbed.

    Ronald Reagan is Still Dead!

  • However, when they are preceded by conditions operating destructively on common sense and social order - such as social injustice, cultural backwardness, or intellectually limited rulers manifesting pathological traits - spellbinders activities have led entire societies into large-scale human tragedy.

    Ronald Reagan is Still Dead!

  • In a healthy society, the activities of spellbinders meet with criticism effective enough to stifle them quickly.

    Ronald Reagan is Still Dead!

  • He wore his hair long and loose, as was the custom with many platform spellbinders of the time, and by 1869, at age fifty-six, he was beginning to look a little gray and too well fed.

    The Great Bridge

  • Cosmocratic spellbinders in every state of North America waved the flag, pointed with pride, and viewed with alarm, in the very best tradition of North American politics.

    First Lensman


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