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  • noun In mammalogy, a genus of extinct megatherioid edentates, or fossil sloths, remains of which occur in the bone-caves of South America.
  • noun In herpetology:
  • noun A genus of extant rhynchocephalous lizards of New Zealand. S. punctatus is known as the tuatera. The name is synonymous with Hatteria.
  • noun A lizard of this genus.

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  • noun (Zoöl.) Same as hatteria.

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  • noun The tuatara.

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  • noun coextensive with the order Rhynchocephalia: tuataras


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[New Latin Sphēnodōn, genus name : spheno– + –odon.]

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From the genus name Sphenodon


  • Many years later euryapsids had vanished into the lepidosaurs sphenodon, snakes and lizards-all diapsids as a secondary change, and then there was the term “sauropsid” which I saw for the 1st time at AMNH which gathered together all non synapsids and non turtles.

    Drawing a Line in the Academic Sand - The Panda's Thumb


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