sphenoparietal love


from The Century Dictionary.

  • Pertaining to the sphenoid and parietal bones: as, the sphenoparietal suture.


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  • The cavernous sinus receives the superior ophthalmic vein through the superior orbital fissure, some of the cerebral veins, and also the small sphenoparietal sinus, which courses along the under surface of the small wing of the sphenoid.

    VII. The Veins. 3b. 5. The Sinuses of the Dura Mater

  • The point corresponding with the posterior end of the sphenoparietal suture is named the pterion; it is situated about 3 cm. behind, and a little above the level of the zygomatic process of the frontal bone.

    II. Osteology. 5c. The Exterior of the Skull

  • The sphenoparietal suture varies in length in different skulls, and is absent in those cases where the frontal articulates with the temporal squama.

    II. Osteology. 5c. The Exterior of the Skull

  • These bones are joined to one another and to the zygomatic by the following sutures: the zygomaticotemporal between the zygomatic process of the temporal and the temporal process of the zygomatic; the zygomaticofrontal uniting the zygomatic bone with the zygomatic process of the frontal; the sutures surrounding the great wing of the sphenoid, viz., the sphenozygomatic in front, the sphenofrontal and sphenoparietal above, and the sphenosquamosal behind.

    II. Osteology. 5c. The Exterior of the Skull

  • The Middle Cerebral Vein (v. cerebri media; superficial Sylvian vein) begins on the lateral surface of the hemisphere, and, running along the lateral cerebral fissure, ends in the cavernous or the sphenoparietal sinus.

    VII. The Veins. 3b. 4. The Veins of the Brain

  • Those on the orbital surface of the frontal lobe join the superior cerebral veins, and through these open into the superior sagittal sinus; those of the temporal lobe anastomose with the middle cerebral and basal veins, and join the cavernous, sphenoparietal, and superior petrosal sinuses.

    VII. The Veins. 3b. 4. The Veins of the Brain

  • It is traversed by the squamosal, sphenoparietal, sphenosquamosal, and sphenopetrosal sutures.

    II. Osteology. 5d. The Interior of the Skull


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