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  • adj. Spherical.
  • adj. Of or relating to the heavenly orbs, or to the sphere or spheres in which, according to ancient astronomy and astrology, they were set.
  • n. Alternative form of sferic.

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  • Of or pertaining to a sphere or the spheres; spherelike; spherical.

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  • adj. having the shape of a sphere or ball


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From sphere +‎ -ic.


  • He smiled, because his rhyme caused a little atmo - spheric effect; it thought he was doing magic.

    Here There Are Monsters

  • One of the reasons I was slower than my 'spheric brethren and sistren to jump on the anti-MoDo bandwagon was that, for all her flaws, she is inside the head of two politicians: Bubba and Dumbya.

    Bill On Obama And The Debate: You Didn't Hear Hillary "Whining"

  • Without worrying too much about the spheric shape, these dumplings are just as practical and easy to make at home as any — and come to think of it, a good way to use up some leftover stew.

    Brisket and Cabbage Dumplings

  • Scoop a melon baller-sized ball of the chocolate mixture at a time, and quickly roll the ball in your palms to a satisfyingly spheric shape.

    Ginger Sesame Truffles

  • As for the shape, it seemed like the object of this dumpling was to be as spheric as humanly possible, and for the dumpling wrapper seal to be as seamless and inconspicuous as the (culinary) gods in heaven (aka Napa Valley) could muster.

    Brisket and Cabbage Dumplings

  • Keep turning them and letting them sit on one side of its surface until fairly uniformly browned noting the impossibility of a spheric “ball” having “sides”, mine came to about 5-6 sides to each ball.

    Meatball Bruschetta alla Puttanesca

  • I am not educated in the strata-spheric definitions of various French restaurant types, but I am willing to risk my intelligence authority on nothing by saying that a café is more casual than, say, a bistro.

    Monsieur Marcel - Korean-French Women DO Get Fat

  • That's what my generation envisioned, at least those of us who felt an urge in our solar plexuses to become troubadours, a collective of storytellers and imaginative dramatists improvising on the spot an art that impressionistically helped us find a new vision of the panorama of views we live within and songs that can be sung in any language with any accent, a mixing of cultures into a spheric culture.

    Time Waits for No Man

  • Correction to “The 1973-1996 trends in depth-averaged tropo-spheric temperature,” J.

    Bring the Proxies Up to Date!! « Climate Audit

  • You are now allowed to completely ignore everything I say and go to By Ken Levine for all your scribo-spheric needs.

    New Scribospheric Guru


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