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  • In gilding, irregular fractures sometimes occurring when gold-leaf is fitted over a molding having deep depressions.


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  • I'd tried kicking my way out, but even though I'm big and black as a crow, my unusually thick spider-legs weren't a match for the sturdy glass.

    Spiders from Mars

  • But he was singing lustily as he lathered his hair, though Flint wasn't able to appreciate his fine tenor in the least as it crept in on its steel spider-legs.

    The Life of the World to Come

  • He felt the terrible but pleasurable itching up the sides of his body as the spider-legs tried to burst through - seven instead of eight, thanks to the terriblenastyawful Blackbird Mommy who had been both preg and notpreg at the same time, and might she rot screaming in todash space forever (or at least until one of the Great Ones who lurked there found her).

    The Dark Tower

  • The tickling spider-legs of danger on Conan's spine became sharp hooves.

    Conan the Valiant

  • In the course of five minutes the fugitives arrived at a small river, the treacherous sands of which receiving their spider-legs, their flight was greatly retarded, and by the time they had floundered to the opposite side and scrambled to the top of the bank, I could perceive that their race was run.

    Harper's New Monthly Magazine, Vol. 3, July, 1851

  • Near the edge of the river we frequently see myriads of tree-roots bent almost at right angles, giving the trees the appearance of standing on spider-legs in the water.

    Southern Stories Retold from St. Nicholas

  • I am the only caterpillar in the country with spider-legs; when they are stretched to their full length and quivering, they are worse to look at than the real thing.

    "Wee Tim'rous Beasties" Studies of Animal life and Character

  • Only those spider-legs on the wall seemed kicking at him, and that fatal seventy-one, one, one kept ringing in his ears.

    Uncle Terry A Story of the Maine Coast

  • Ledscha seemed like the embodiment of some great danger, and when she lowered one arm and raised the other to protect herself again from the radiance of the noonday sun, he started; for through the brain of the usually fearless man darted the thought that now the nimble spider-legs were moving to draw him toward her, entwine him, and suck his heart's blood.

    Complete Project Gutenberg Georg Ebers Works

  • Comic artists have often drawn the moon capering on spider-legs; a little filling out would make the Vicomte very like the caricature.

    The Cockaynes in Paris Or 'Gone abroad'


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