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  • noun Plural form of spider.


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  • When you are playing the one-stringed lute, and your fingers are stiff, the thing to do is to catch some long-legged field spiders and roast them, and then rub your fingers with the ashes; that will make your fingers as lithe and nimble as the spiders’ legs—at least so think the Galelareese.

    Chapter 3. Sympathetic Magic. § 2. Homoeopathic or Imitative Magic

  • You got through a couple of days of what we call spiders - those little foam pads - and everyone is getting too aggressive because everyone is itching to get out there and prove themselves. Chronicle

  • Now New Scientist has reported on a new study by Rakison, one that suggests not only that fear of spiders is something that is learned sometime after birth, but also suggests women learn that fear more readily than men — which explains why more women than men fear spiders.

    Alberta bound

  • I watched a lesser green heron picking spiders from the transom of my boat once.

    Even Birds Use Bread for Bait

  • I watched a lesser green heron picking spiders from the transom of my boat once.

    Even Birds Use Bread for Bait

  • If indexers really wanted to make users look like spiders (behaving like spiders is more problematic), they would have to run proxies so that spiders and users originated from the sameIPs.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Sheep in Spiders’ Clothing?

  • And her last line is classic: "As to Charlotte, her magic and mystery require a different technique to create that lasting interest in spiders which controls childish impulse to do away with them."

    "Moore being Moore"

  • The possibility of foresight in spiders has been demonstrated as well.

    Bunny and a Book

  • For you I would banish spiders from the very dustiest corners of your glass studio.

    Plea of the Pathetic

  • My sense about the fear factor with spiders is that it has to do with their mystery and what we don't know - they are silent so we don't know where they are around us, their bodies have the shape of the symbol for infinity, they create nearly invisible webs which feel sticky and cling to us when we pass through, many are poisonous.

    Spiders from Mars


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