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  • v. Present participle of spiel.


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  • The kind of social dance called “spieling,” in which a couple spun around seemingly out of control, “particularly caused sexual excitement” because of “the easy familiarity in the dance practiced by nearly all the men in the way they handle the girls.”

    A Renegade History of the United States

  • It represents the fires the people like us died in because people like you believed the bullshit you're still spieling now.

    An Open Letter to the Usual Suspects

  • When you was spieling that Adam Strang yarn, I remember you mentioned playing chess with that royal souse of an emperor's brother.

    Chapter 16

  • This is the sort of thing that drives my husband completely nuts, and is something I have to guard against to preserve my marriage, because I find myself, just like my mother, spieling out some protracted story with every single purchase.

    Do's And Don'ts For The Great American Garage Sale

  • “I got to hear the endless spieling about what this secretary or that would allow him to do,” recalls Henry.


  • Ken's wife, Julie, takes the money at the booth to the side of the bally, and his best friend, Neil Calladine, does the spieling from the bally itself, drawing in the crowds with the traditional enticement: "Step inside now!"

    My kids drive me up the wall

  • There's a presidential candidate spieling everywhere you turn.

    Danny Schechter: Enough Already

  • I had the rodent down,, under my paw, when she began spieling out a sob story about a litter of munchkins at home.


  • Real facts details of mulitple actual incidents, info from mulitple Iraqi sources speaking for the record and describing incidents, not spieling platitudes.

    Firedoglake » It’s Heating Up in the House…

  • Enough that the financial spin sisters those phony teevee hired models are on teevee spieling about "50-year mortgages" as being an alternative to your sudden higher payments under a 30-year mortgage.

    Well, Well, Well...


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