from The Century Dictionary.

  • To beat severely; confound; dismay.
  • To stifle; suffocate; kill.

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

  • verb transitive To confound, silence or dumbfound - 1785 Francis Grose, Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue
  • verb transitive, Provincial To beat severely - 1847 James Halliwell, A Dictionary of Archaic and Provincial Words
  • verb transitive, slang To stifle, suffocate, kill.
  • verb transitive To ruin, destroy.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

Apparently made up to resemble a word of Latin origin.


  • Marry Asika or spiflicate, which mean, Major, that Jeekie spiflicate too, and, "he added, shaking his white head sadly," he no like _that_.

    A Yellow God: an Idol of Africa

  • Sometimes they chop off nut, sometimes they spiflicate in gold tub, sometimes priest-man make hole in what white doctor call _diagram_ -- and shake hands with heart.

    A Yellow God: an Idol of Africa

  • Aylward great villain, serve him jolly well right if Asika spiflicate him, that not Jeekie's fault.

    A Yellow God: an Idol of Africa

  • "Now, spiflicate me!" spoke the skipper, relieving the man, "the ruffian cly you! who did this?"

    The Entailed Hat Or, Patty Cannon's Times

  • P'raps he's agoin 'to spiflicate me, in consikence o' my impidence.

    Jarwin and Cuffy

  • "My dear poy," said Grossensteck, "you know as much of peeziness as a child unporne, and I tell you it's the same efferywhere -- in groceries, in hardware, in the alkali trade, in effery branch of industry, the pig operators stand shoulder to shoulder to spiflicate the little fellers like you.

    Love, the Fiddler

  • But some day Hi'll pizen 'em, sir, or spiflicate 'em in their sleep, the hopportunity for which is the honly pleasure in life Hi 'as to look forward to, sir. "

    At War with Pontiac The Totem of the Bear


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