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  • noun Plural form of splatbook.


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  • There are some interesting splatbooks but they are balanced, and you will hardly need them.

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  • One of the fan favorites from 3e splatbooks goes core.

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  • The venerable barbarian, druid, monk, and bard have been jettisoned and the warlock and warlord (was: marshal) have been imported from the 3e splatbooks.

    4e PHB Readthrough – Chapter 4: Classes « Geek Related

  • However, if everything is focused on the tools to do your own game how do you win hearts and minds of the spoonfed masses that just want to open their wallets and spend a hundred bucks per month on the latest splatbooks and expansions for a corporatized setting?

    Good Stories

  • One of my frustrations with the gane was that all those cool splatbooks were coming up and we couldn't try all the new classes and options that came out because we were 'stuck' in our campaign model.

    Critical Hits

  • A highly successful launch of a new edition, beloved online tools, a slew of much anticipated and successful splatbooks released on a tight schedule over a year, updated monthly content from Dragon and Dungeon, and updates to the CB and Compendium delivered on a consistent schedule … Yeah, how dare those bastards think they could win best publisher.

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  • It’s funny – when we played 3e initially, with our older ed assumptions firmly in place, and before the many splatbooks offered all the abusive choices, it * was* a better system.

    Some Thoughts On 2e and 3e’s Legacy « Geek Related

  • But it’s mainly the uber optimizers who are crying about how much the Pathfinder/3. 5e fighter “sucks” in general, so I wanted to show that a slightly more optimized one is hell on wheels and comparable to caster power at this level (we allow splatbooks in our campaign, but disallow heavy cheese.

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  • Most of them are here, marked as “Classic Spycraft,” including the splatbooks and the excellent Battlegrounds and Gentleman’s Agreement.

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  • In fact, that’s what allowed the wide variety of campaign settings in 2e – Dark Sun to Ravenloft to Birthright to Jakandor to the historical splatbooks – they made the core flexible and then you could put out a setting or supplement to tune the experience to many different results.

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