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  • v. Present participle of splat.
  • n. A method for combining different textures by applying an alpha channel map to the higher levels, revealing the layers underneath where the map is partially or completely transparent.


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The computing term was coined by Charles Bloom.


  • Dutch farmer Jan Willem Horstmann, preparing to slaughter the entire line of sheep that he took so many years to breed, as foot-and-mouth disease continued to plague continental Europe "The ethics and legal implications of 'splatting' and 'sloshing' are expected to be hotly debated under the big top."


  • And then all the food caught up and came splatting right on me.

    The Boy in the Sandwich

  • But given the two frontrunnners have spent more than $20m on splatting each other with attack ads in Florida alone, you can see the size of the mountain Santorum has to climb.12.57pm: Why did Mitt Romeny choose The Villages, a sprawling luxury retirement village north of Tampa for his eve-of-poll rally last night?

    Florida primary - voting day as it happened

  • Think about like this: if you fed 200 dairy cows ex-lax while they were in their stalls in a barn, the sound of cowshit splatting on the floor would be deafening and continuous.

    Think Progress » After Sending His Producer To Stalk And Ambush Me, O’Reilly To Again Speak At Rape Survivors’ Benefit

  • A decision involving the real death of a real creature, not the press-button splatting of some alien or "terrorist" on a computer screen.

    We're all hooked on fishing now

  • It keeps thumping against the turf and splatting against the backstop.

    Wimbledon 2010 live blog: 23 June

  • It's here again too, sounding like dough splatting on a countertop.

    The Sound of Broken Bells

  • The old woman falls forward, her face splatting into the salad greens.

    Dead End

  • I turned up the collar on my jacket and hunched my shoulders, not happy at the thought of darkness splatting on my head and shoulders, not happy that my body responded, got a little energized by the raw, arcane power around me.

    The Darkest Edge of Dawn

  • Tally gulped, forcing herself to watch all the way down, until the guy was caught by his bungee jacket a few seconds before splatting.

    Scott Westerfeld: Uglies Quartet


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