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  • v. Present participle of splinter.
  • n. The process or result of something being splintered.

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  • n. the act of chipping something


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  • And perhaps that splintering is why Osama bin Laden's fantasy of a restored caliphate — an undivided Muslim empire, organic and hierarchic and centralized — now exerts its appeal (as did the Nasserite and later the Baath Party dream of a single Arab nation in which the old borders would be subsumed by one glorious whole).

    The Perils of Partition

  • Now, some dyed-in-the-wool Republicans might blanch at the idea of splintering the national party.

    Top Stories - Google News

  • You see the left wing kind of splintering in different groups.

    Book Your Trip: Nancy Pearl Picks Tales For Travel

  • First, they are "splintering" their traditional supply chains into smaller, nimbler ones better prepared to manage higher levels of complexity.

    Building The Supply Chain Of The Future

  • What Susan said above about the definition "splintering" makes sense to me.

    Burlesque Without Striptease

  • This mythical "splintering" will happen because apostates always gain notice.


  • The right is going through the same kind of splintering and factionalism that Dems went through for a long time. Stories

  • So why all the bickering about these black guys "splintering" the movement? latest blog entries

  • I believe his assertion to be true that that the "splintering" of the SBC and the BSCNC was driven largely by opposing roles of women in the church.

    Biblical Recorder

  • The first is audience splintering, meaning that as we've talked about before, every show is going for a smaller and smaller audience.

    NPR Topics: News


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