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  • n. The nick of time; a brief moment.


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  • When Harper reached the beginning of the trees, everything began to happen in what, had he survived, he would have described as a split-second flash.

    The Lions of Lucerne

  • Seeking to transform her secondary experience of the depicted events into something more authentic, Garnett culls photographs of military explosions from online sources, reconstituting the harrowing, split-second images using traditional oil paint and canvas.

    Sharon L. Butler: Blast Radius

  • She takes my hand and begins pulling me away from the mirror, I resist for a split-second just to take myself in one last time, confirming the symmetry of my shirt, tie, dress pants—the whole ensemble.

    Things You Can Do, Some Can't Be Done

  • As if any TV pilot these days would dare waste a split-second of time.

    TV review: A&E's 'Breakout Kings,' where prisoners outsmart the escapees

  • And it feels like we're living in that split-second

    "You know everything gets written down."

  • Then, in the same breath and within a split-second of that same thought, I was already thinking about getting wasted back in L.A.; planning the very thing that I was pushing away in my head.

    Fallin’ Up

  • Numbed with alcohol, I jumped back up in a split-second but I saw the wincing faces in the front row looking back at me, and Elizabeth Shannon had cupped her hands to her mouth.

    Fallin’ Up

  • Now, me personally, I haven't watched a Super Bowl since 2004, when Janet Jackson's nipple popped out during half time, and that split-second glimpse of an unrestrained black titty burned my eyes and offended me as a Christian.

    Bill Maher: New Rule: Americans Must Realize What Makes NFL Football So Great: Socialism

  • Film critic and historian Neal Gabler recently noted that in an age of split-second social media, audiences no longer depended on the cultural elite for recommendations on what movies to see.

    Thane Rosenbaum: True Grit and the Truth about Revenge

  • That said, "every player is put into a position in the tournament where he has to make a lot of split-second decisions," Larranaga said.

    Who Says Experience Matters?


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