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  • adjective Characterised by spluttering.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

splutter +‎ -y


  • I gave a spluttery fake laugh that was the best I could manage.

    Summer Love

  • Well, except for Sean Preston and Jayden James, who had to put up with a slightly crazed woman babbling at them in a made-up language and farting like a spluttery clown-car engine all the time, but for everyone else it was all tickety-boo.

    Britney Spears In Hospital After K-Fed Custody Row

  • John Gross, who met him at the open house Roth kept on Saturday afternoons for Jewish students, describes him as 'a tall man, with thick glasses, lots of teeth, lank black hair parted in the middle (it was often mistaken for a wig) and a spluttery voice '— in short, a typical Oxford don, except that' his conversation abounded with what you might call the higher Jewish gossip. '

    A Double Bind

  • It was smooth and curved and when she gave it an enquiring prod with her knuckles, it moved with an uneven and spluttery sound.

    In the Presence of the Enemy

  • Edith was being so very spluttery, that Aunty May and I leaned out the window, and then we jerked our heads in and Aunty May said, "Don't you dare laugh out loud, Billy."

    W. A. G.'s Tale

  • In picking out nations with whom we would like to develop trade, not just a spluttery trade of a few years but a long and permanent and, if possible, a happy condition of trade, we want to pick out countries where the transport is easy and where there is a very great deal of difference between their conditions and ours.

    Canada's Relations With China

  • Occasionally she sighs deeply, with that blubbery, spluttery noise that all horses make when they sigh.

    Letters to Helen Impressions of an Artist on the Western Front

  • I was sort of wonderin 'how long he could keep this up, and what would be the finish, when from behind me I hears this spluttery line of exclamations indicatin' rage.

    The House of Torchy

  • I personally couldn't give a spluttery bowel movement if she goes.

    Celebrity gossip juicy celebrity rumors Hollywood gossip blog from Perez Hilton

  • To put things into perspective, any amateur exhibitionist could easily attract 50000 gawks and views by taking a spluttery extended bowel movement on a freeway shoulder within an hour.

    Celebrity gossip juicy celebrity rumors Hollywood gossip blog from Perez Hilton


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