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  • n. The condition of being spooky
  • n. Something characteristic of a spook


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  • The old 1970s TV recordings of his stories are worth downloading if you haven't seen them, although perhaps the most atmospheric way to experience one of his masterly bits of spookery is to go to one of actor Robert Lloyd Parry's superb solo performances as I did in January.

    A terrifying Christmas in prospect

  • I wish more horror movies or any could mine this vein, because I think the combination of Judeo-Christian scare tactics and old school spookery is a dynamite combo.


  • Know there was no such wreck, and none of your spookery.

    The Passengers of a Retarded Submersible

  • Old news in the world of surveillance and spookery today, as the original 1946 secret treaty between the UK and US which set up the famous "Echelon" listening system is finally published.

    The Register

  • MIRRORS (2008, Fox, R, $30) - Here's yet another Asian horror remake that fails to capture the slippery spookery of the original.

    Latest News

  • Home video mocumentary spookery has indeed lighted upon a mysterious phenomenon.

    Film |

  • Among the latest revelations of out-of-control secret state spookery, Wired disclosed that personal details on customers have been provided to the Bureau by the Wyndham Worldwide hotel chain "which includes Ramada Inn, Days Inn, Super 8, Howard Johnson and Hawthorn Suites." - Bush-Cheney Trials in '09

  • Given the extraordinary queues outside Angels fancy dress store last night, many of you are gearing up for several days of pumpkins, fake blood, unusual outfits and spookery.


  • Military intelligence is the natural home of Cowboy spookery.


  • People looking back at THE GHOST BREAKERS at the distance of almost 70 years often carp that the film isn't as funny as Hope's "road pictures" (which began that year) with Bing Crosby but one of the reasons it works so well in my estimation is that a good deal of the spookery is played straight... well, as straight as can be, given the fact that Hope and Willie Best (a hoot, as usual) are doing the ghost breaking.

    "Basil Rathbone must be having a party."


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