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  • n. A haunted house.
  • n. A headquarters for intelligence agents.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From spook +‎ house.


  • The net effect is to make the villains appear to be monsters that pop out at pre-determined moments in a carnival spookhouse ride, do their business, and then disappear into the darkness without explanation.

    THE STRANGERS | Obsessed With Film

  • Ben is a relatively famous author who has come back to write a book (this is a King story, after all); and this nonfiction literary endeavor looks like it will center around the decrepit spookhouse up on the hill.

    Salem's Lot

  • A cool idea using the foam… The rest of the site is worth taking a look at .. lots of cool / creative halloween spookhouse ideas.

    EXTRALIFE – By Scott Johnson - Make some crazy long scary arms for Halloween

  • So now you get to spend the rest of the night in the back yard of a spookhouse.


  • It stood this morning in all its decrepit glory, more a Halloween spookhouse than a future center of culture and nostalgia.

    Say No to Murder

  • While the idea of holding a spookhouse in March might seem odd, there's a method to Raycliff Manor co-owner Kelly Allen's madness.


  • The spookhouse will present the second and final weekend of


  • It's an excellent spookhouse, especially for the ears.

    Cathode Tan

  • At first a menacing presence, she resolves into something of a deus ex machina, providing at least one of the visiting couples with an outside chance of surviving this benighted mess of a spookhouse. stories

  • 2. My weirdest job was restoring a spookhouse in an amusement park.

    8 random facts about kris waldherr | the blog of author, illustrator and designer Kris Waldherr


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