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  • v. Present participle of spool.


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  • But what do you expect with a tropical storm with that name spooling up in the Caribbean and the track skirting on the edge of town?

    July 2005

  • At that time, there was a process known as spooling, in which Page 1 was printed on a film paper to do away with the 'hazards' of cut and paste process.

    Behind the News: Voices from Goa's Press

  • Server is "spooling" an interim result set to a secondary location (tempdb) so that it can do something with that data later in the plan. articles

  • I met her at his apartment, where only she and I were not interested in the middle ages role playing tournament they were spooling together.

    The Good Year

  • Peers had a spider- silk spooling device in his office there and Godley convinced him to use it to recreate a technique not practised for more than a century.

    The gossamer cape: spun by a million spiders

  • However, unlike battery-equipped hybrids, the Porsche stores its amperage mechanically, spooling up a 31-pound flywheel operating in a vacuum chamber in one hopes a crash-proof box beside the driver.

    Porsche Blasts Hybrids Into New Stratosphere

  • But rewind 25 years (pretend you hear the whir of cassette tape spooling by as you read this), and it was another story.

    Faster Forward: Sony finally ejects the Walkman

  • I heard the unmistakable zipping sound of fishing line spooling out of my reel, yanked my rod from its holder and snapped the line to set the hook.

    Big Fish vs. Small Boat

  • The big boys i.e. Google are spooling up info. like crazy.

    Of Singularities

  • Sometimes, the walking leads the thinking, untangling the knot of my mind and spooling it smoothly.

    Walk, don’t run!


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