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  • adj. Without a spoon or spoons.


spoon +‎ -less (Wiktionary)


  • She sat at the table and stared at her spoonless stew.

    Bleeding Violet

  • Out of the four oars I had set out with, all of them were now damaged: one was cracked in the middle and currently in use as a guardrail; the second was bent in the middle and had lost its integrity; the third had lost its spoon completely; and the fourth was almost spoonless.

    Rowing the ATLANTIC

  • Because, as Hugh Grant apparently showed in April, even spoonless celebrities are able to weaponise plastic baked bean containers and catapult them at you as hard as they possibly can.

    Hugh Grant Arrested For Frenzied Baked Bean Rampage

  • Would some kind soul please enlighten me in a way that even a spoonless bowl of Jello could comprehend?


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