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  • n. Plural form of sporozoite.


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  • This is notably so in the case of malaria: not only do a large number of so-called sporozoites get injected into the bloodstream, but the parasites undergo further multiplication in the liver before developing into merozoites that infect red blood cells.

    Chapter 8

  • One of the institute's approaches to creating a vaccine centers around immature forms of the malaria parasite called sporozoites, which are carried in the saliva glands of female malarial mosquitoes and transferred into humans when they bite.

    Reuters: Press Release

  • After 10-18 days, the parasites are found, as "sporozoites", in the mosquito's salivary glands.

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  • How many sporozoites are produced by each oocyst, Jehu?

    Behe Responds

  • When the Anopheles mosquito takes a blood meal on another human, the sporozoites are injected with the mosquito's saliva and start another human infection when they parasitize the liver cells.


  • When an infected mosquito pierces a person's skin to take a blood meal, sporozoites in the mosquito's saliva enter the bloodstream and migrate to the liver.


  • The malaria parasite life cycle involves two hosts; during a blood meal, a malaria-infected female Anopheles mosquito inoculates sporozoites into the human host, which infect the liver, mature into tissue schizonts, and rupture releasing merozoites which in turn infect red blood cells.


  • One example Mr. Gates cited was the foundation's sponsorship of a program that uses radiation to zap malaria parasites in their invasive stage, known as sporozoites.

    Gates Charity Bolsters Approach

  • In these structures a large number of elongated organisms, «sporozoites», are formed.

    Physiology or Medicine 1902 - Presentation Speech

  • The nodules or cysts on the walls of the stomach of the mosquito may contain as many as ten thousand sporozoites, and as many as five hundred cysts may occur on a single stomach.

    Insects and Diseases A Popular Account of the Way in Which Insects may Spread or Cause some of our Common Diseases


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