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  • adj. superlative form of spotty: most spotty.


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  • So I got in easily and I had the spottiest of all college careers.

    “I Haven’t Been Unhappy in My Life”

  • Less than half a century ago, America thrived with only the spottiest use of air conditioning.

    In the heat wave, the case against air conditioning

  • Small residential power users paid the highest rates for the spottiest service, while big customers such as factories and refineries pocketed millions in discounts and rebates.


  • Not least because it's pretty damn obvious to even the spottiest teenager else what that might be.

    The BPI Makes the BBC Broadcast its Stupidity

  • That didn't help in gym class, where supervision was the spottiest; white girls would put broken glass on the shower-room floor, and scald her by flushing all the toilets simultaneously.

    Through a Lens, Darkly

  • "May I have the extreme honour of asking if it is her very high grace, Madame the Countess Dalmar and suite who felicitate our humble hotel with their presence?" inquired the fattest and spottiest in one long French breath.

    My Friend the Chauffeur

  • For all the stories that I have spun into the fabric of Orangette, this was the spottiest and the most sparse.


  • That means subprime borrowers, those with the spottiest payment histories, make up just 10 rss feed

  • George said the antenna system inside the road warrior boosts even the spottiest of cell signals for voice or data usage. RSS

  • a small inn, or hedge tavern with a horse-trough before the door and a sign whereon was the legend, "The Spotted Cow," with a representation of that quadruped below, surely the very spottiest of spotted cows that ever adorned an inn sign.

    The Amateur Gentleman


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