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  • adv. In a spotty manner.


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spotty +‎ -ly


  • Flannery grew up — in Savannah and in Atlanta and, from 1938, in the Cline mansion in Milledgeville — with black servants floating around and a sense of herself as part of the genteel, bigoted, spottily educated stratum of landed whites.

    Touched by Evil

  • Humanitarian intervention: The trend in international law, although spottily followed in practice, is for intervention on behalf of victims of potential genocide and gross human rights abuses.

    Allan Gerson: Humanitarian Intervention or Regime Change in Libya: International Law as a Compass

  •  He could feel the flaccid skin warm, but only spottily.

    Old Egg

  • The code has been \ "spottily enforced\" but the Taliban hasn\'t stopped there.

    Michael Giltz: Extreme Taliban Makeover: The Secret Memo

  • The code has been "spottily enforced" but the Taliban hasn't stopped there.

    Michael Giltz: Extreme Taliban Makeover: The Secret Memo

  • Early in the construction phase it had purchased goggles, safety belts, and some thirteen thousand safety helmets for distribution to all workers the project acquired the reputation, inaccurately, as the first construction site to use hardhats but the mandate to wear them was only spottily enforced.


  • This mandate was a result of the 1975 Individuals with Disabilities Education Act; it was still unfunded more than ten years later and still only spottily put into practice, with some states more successful than others and some districts ignoring it completely, despite the law being on the books.

    Knowing Jesse

  • Caroline @63: Even spottily rainy, as it's expected to be for the next week or so, it's still gorgeous.

    Making Light: Like an ice storm, only with more volume

  • Not keeping up exactly, but spottily trying to not miss out on anything big in your lives.

    Archive 2007-12-01

  • I will be reporting spottily on my progress because I still have no interwebbiness at home, and it's too damn cold for me to go outside at night to get to an unheated wifi cafe where the wifi goes down fairly frequently.

    InNoWriMo Returns


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