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  • But it served partly to intimate the character of the man, that, although desirous to show attention to the Marquis of Montserrat, whom he had courteously placed at his right hand, he gave much more of his attention to his spruch-sprecher, that is, his man of conversation, or sayer of sayings, who stood behind the Duke's right shoulder.

    The Talisman

  • I gotta say, as a Deutsch-sprecher myself, that giant "Taschenrechner" made me laugh pretty hard.

    Look Out, Germany

  • Flavor: very faint caramel flavor, somewhat roasted and earthy, almost nutmeg; an off metallic flavor that may be the hops trying to assert themselves; flavors are very muted, almost like they were afraid of making it too sweet; the anti-sprecher

    Oktoberfest #3 - Day 2 Sample A (New Glarus)

  • I recently bought some IBC as my old favorite and found myself wishing it were sprecher.

    Root Beer Taste Test

  • ` ` Servant of Folly, '' said the spruch-sprecher, ` ` moderate thy curiosity --- it beseems not that I should tell to thee the counsels of our master. ''

    The Talisman

  • ` ` Philip, '' said the jester, ` ` or our own Royal Duke, should either accept the challenge --- But oh, most sage spruch-sprecher, what excellent kings would thou and I have made, since those on whose heads these crowns have fallen, can play the proverb-monger and the fool as completely as ourselves! ''

    The Talisman

  • Two were silenced with difficulty by the spruch-sprecher, who seemed to act as master of the revels, and a hearing was at length procured for the poet preferred, who sung, in high

    The Talisman

  • ` ` Ha, hem, '' said the _spruch-sprecher_; ` ` he next said to them, that Richard was not more valorous than others, or over dexterous in the tilt-yard. ''

    The Talisman

  • Jonas Schwanker to his companion, the spruch-sprecher, who had used the freedom to press nigh to his master when the council was dismissed, while the jester waited at a more respectful distance.

    The Talisman

  • Leopold was attended by his spruch-sprecher and his jester, and as he advanced towards Richard, he whistled in what he wished to be considered as an indifferent manner, though his heavy features evinced the sullenness, mixed with the fear, with which a truant schoolboy may be seen to approach his master.

    The Talisman


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