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  • noun Shortened form of stored procedure.


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  • I am writing a sproc (OuterSproc) that calls another sproc (InnerSproc).

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  • Properties marked with a ConcurrencyModeof "Fixed" If the entity is mapped to a stored procedure for an update, then all properties are "required original values" because the sproc allows passing in all current values and all original values

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  • I had the same problem as the first person in the thread (a sproc with a result set and one or more output params), and my solution was the same as for kvikasilfur.

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  • If you do use core ado. net to do it and get back a DataReader, though, then you can use Translate to transform results from the sproc into entities or the like …

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  • Where should this logic reside? sproc/View (somehow)/asp codebehind Linq?

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  • SLOptions and aliased it as "slop", now I have to develop a sproc for PLOptions ..

  • In his application, a SQL temp table was opened and filled via a stored procedure call using code similar to: local long l_ReturnCode, l_ErrorCode; local string sTableName; sTableName = Table_GetOSName (table myTempTable); call sproc "coFillSQLTempTable", l_ReturnCode, sTableName, param1, param2, l_ErrorCode;

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  • I'd ask if it is a requirement to retrieve 50k rows from that sproc at once.

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  • Line 30: 'Execute the sproc Line 31: myConnection.

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  • I am having a trouble creating my sproc for Searching the tables.



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