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  • interj. The sound of a sudden springing or leaping.
  • v. To spring or leap with such a sound.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

Imitative; compare spring and boing.


  • While compost improves your soil and encourages strong growth, nothing gives that final 'sproing' like MG.

    Compost, Anyone?

  • He twisted it all the way around until the face-plate faced him again, then farther yet, until it snapped with a "sproing" and came off in his hands.

    Pet Peeve

  • The old Mac mini was no snap to open - it required the careful application of a putty knife to 'sproing' the case's plastic tabs loose before you could pop off the top.

    The Register

  • The coil hat is known as a "sproing" hat from "How the Grinch Stole Christmas," Bowman said.

    The Enterprise Home RSS

  • That "sproing" was the collective erection of 9,000 physicists as the Large Hadron Collider was fired for the first time. (stolen from fark)

    Charlottesville Blogs

  • Well, there's more villainy and Yoda knowing something really bad is coming down the pike and no way he can stop it, and people who love our two heroes who can't help them either and also know there's big trouble brewing ... and one of those characters that just kind of are a name when you first meet them and then sproing!!!!

    A bit more ...

  • He put the knife in and tried to cut down, and it just went ::sproing:: and popped right back up.

    It's In There

  • I believe sproing is a word of my own invention and not the lingua franca of decorators.

    Let Me Eat Cake

  • The contract I signed on September 28 calls for a 1-tier mosaic cake w/sproing elements coming off.

    Let Me Eat Cake

  • I was a biological switchblade -- hit a button, and sproing!

    Archive 2009-02-01


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