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  • n. An old spelling of squaw.


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  • This month, Maine lawmakers amended the law to ban public place names that include "the designation 'squa' or any derivation of 'squa' as a separate word or as a separate syllable in a word."

    In Maine, Residents Battle

  • "Given the circumstances, it would be better if they chose something else," says Paul Bisulca, a Penobscot who is chairman of the Maine Indian Tribal State Commission, which drafted the "squa" amendment.

    In Maine, Residents Battle

  • Henry, that a year from today they'll be growin 'squa'rly on top o' our heads, right whar they are this minute. "

    The Eyes of the Woods A story of the Ancient Wilderness

  • The Shiite movement was also implicated in running death squa ds that killed Sunnis during the height of 2005-2007 sectarian conflict.

    Shiite Cleric Sadr Returns to Iraq

  • A breaking story -- covered in the Colombian press for about two weeks but just now being picked up by English-language news sources, including CNN -- reports that 40 members of Colombian death squa ...

    Greg Grandin: Colombian Free Trade: Exporting Death Squads to Honduras

  • The legislature, in their infinite wisdom, has expanded our ban on the use of "squaw" or "squa" in place names in the state, due to offensive connotations that the word has garnered over the years, whatever its original meaning and source:

    Unintended consequences, part 2

  • I will love dem, and squa-ease dem and feed dem carits and nanners.

    mitosis - Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger?

  • O ui on CD ia! taken up with the ill-lit alleyway at the south end of the squa He would want to be careful to hide that from her.

    A Suitable Vengeance

  • Else Sanchez had made two round trips from Boothbay that morning, ferrying over original Sam-squa residents and their kin who were now off islanders, plus several historians who had made the trip out of respect for the Concannon Mayflower heritage.

    Give Us Forever

  • Remember, I've known you ever since you left Sam-squa, but you're showing a new side of yourself tonight.

    Give Us Forever


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