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  • n. Plural form of squadmate.


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  • It's so much worse when they are your squadmates, meaning you always have to spawn hella far from the action when a game is close.


  • Two other soldiers and I would sit in there, manning every control and listening to every networked squawk from squadmates connected to us on the Internet, and then the booming and banging would start — deafening, metal, and real, meant to prepare us for the intangibles of full-on combat.

    Wide-Open, Southeast-Asia-Inspired Landscapes of Death « PubliCola

  • I was able to do that two years ago in a Wii game, but SOCOM 4 also allows me to point at the screen and order my virtual squadmates around the battlefield: go here, then here, then duck behind this wall, then kill Enemy #3.

    Unmoved by PlayStation Move « PubliCola

  • One of his squadmates picked it up in Africa a few years ago.

    Volunteers at Walter Reed endure mosquito bites to help find a malaria vaccine

  • My squadmates told me I looked as if I wanted to strangle the kid.

    Confesssions of a Hull Ho

  • I sugest you buy your squadmates a round of drinks to save your reputation.

    Confesssions of a Hull Ho

  • Not only does he defuse bombs like he's unwrapping lollipops, he outdrinks, outfights and outshoots his squadmates.

    Kathryn Bigelow: Road Warrior

  • The full version of Sony's first-person sci-fi sequel will include both a mission-based solo campaign and ground-rattling multi-player modes, as players work with squadmates to crush the nasty Helghast race on their own turf.

    Can’t wait to play Killzone 2? | Sync Blog

  • Gears of War quality of AI for squadmates and enemies?

    AIIDE '08

  • When combat commences you switch to an over-the-shoulder view in which you can select weapons, give orders to your squadmates, take cover and make tactical decisions.

    Mass Effect


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