from The Century Dictionary.

  • noun A good time; a merrymaking; a picnic.

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

  • noun US A picnic on the beach, a clambake.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

Apparently from a placename, from Massachusett.


  • A day or two of bright, breezy weather had succeeded the storm, and another "squantum" had been arranged for; it was to be a more pretentious affair than the former one, other summer visitors uniting with our party; and a different spot had been selected for it.

    Elsie at Nantucket

  • "Suppose you first tell us what a 'squantum' is," said Mrs. Dinsmore.

    Elsie at Nantucket

  • "We haven't been on a 'squantum' yet," remarked Betty, one evening, addressing the company in general; "suppose we try that to-morrow."

    Elsie at Nantucket

  • "Oh, nonsense! what a little goose!" exclaimed Betty; "of course that only meant you were not to go to the 'squantum'; so come along."

    Elsie at Nantucket

  • She would not have had time but for an unexpected delay in the arrival of the carriage which was to convey her parents, brother and sister and herself to the "squantum" ground.

    Elsie at Nantucket

  • The "squantum" party were late in returning, and when they arrived Betty and Lulu were in bed; but the door between the room where Lulu lay and the parlor, or sitting-room, as it was indifferently called, was ajar, and she could hear all that was said there.

    Elsie at Nantucket

  • They had enjoyed their "squantum," marred by no mishap, no untoward event, so much that it was unanimously agreed to repeat the experiment, merely substituting some other spot for the one visited that day.

    Elsie at Nantucket

  • "You remember that morning we were all going to the 'squantum' I changed my dress and put on a white one, and because of that, and something I said to Max that papa overheard, he said I must stay at home; and he ordered me to take off that dress immediately.

    Elsie at Nantucket

  • "I was so sorry you weren't with us yesterday at the 'squantum;' we had ever such a nice time; only I missed you very much."

    Elsie at Nantucket

  • "I don't mean t 'say 't _everybody_ in a squantum place is beound and destined tew be great or die!" said Captain Leezur, with whole-souled disparagement of such a thought: "no, no; they can't carry it on us so fur as that.

    Vesty of the Basins


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