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  • adjective having a square tail


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  • Council of Four he wore a square-tailed coat of very good, thick black broadcloth, and on his hands, which were never uncovered, gray suede gloves; his boots were of thick black leather, very good, but of a country style, and sometimes fastened in front, curiously, by a buckle instead of laces.

    The Economic Consequences of the Peace

  • At another time the creatures may be of a large cockshafer sort, or a dreadful square-tailed thing that is especially ominous.

    The Life of Mrs. Robert Louis Stevenson

  • He wears drab breeches and gaiters, and a respectable square-tailed ancient black coat.

    The Lock and Key Library Classic Mystery and Detective Stories: Modern English

  • It was a fleeting fashion of the day, but it added a certain picturesqueness to a horseman, and seemed far enough from the times that produced the square-tailed frock-coat which the mountaineer wore, constructed of brown jeans, the skirts of which stood stiffly out on each side of the saddle, and gave him, with his broad-brimmed hat, a certain Quakerish aspect.

    The Phantoms Of The Foot-Bridge 1895

  • Silver had two guns slung about him -- one before and one behind -- besides the great cutlass at his waist and a pistol in each pocket of his square-tailed coat.

    Treasure Island

  • They are strong-legged, square-tailed, terrestrial birds, generally able to perch, have probing beaks, and build the most perfect mud or stick nests, or burrow in the ground.

    The Naturalist in La Plata

  • Silver had two guns slung about him, one before and one behind -- besides the great cutlass at his waist, and a pistol in each pocket of his square-tailed coat.

    Treasure Island

  • On the gray and muddy sidewalk the procession was very conspicuous -- the blue dress of the bride, the canary-colored breeches of one of the men, Madinier's square-tailed coat -- all gave a carnivallike air to the group.


  • He usually wore a white felt hat with the brim turned up, a velveteen or jean square-tailed coat, a scarlet plush waistcoat with little black spots, and a bright-coloured kerchief round his herculean neck, when, as often happened, it was not left entirely bare.

    Lives of the Engineers The Locomotive. George and Robert Stephenson

  • Valour in square-tailed coat eyes Beauty in Greek sandals, and kindles by her glances: Down with Jacobinism!

    The French Revolution


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