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  • adj. Capable of being squashed.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

squash +‎ -able


  • Wine bottles at the bottom and squashable fruit at the top.

    Archive 2006-07-01

  • On the other hand, China would want to keep North Korea easily squashable, it seems to me, and if Kim gets a nuke as I'm not at all convinced he has it would be a lot harder.

    North Korea's nuclear explosion in doubt

  • Three examples are a squashable mobile phone, a cloth computer keyboard and a car seat with built-in sensing.

    Cloth Keyboards for PDAs | Impact Lab

  • They were laid neatly in the bottom of my suitcase, forming a foundation for the more squashable items above.

    Dragonfly in Amber

  • Inside, my supermarket would not have all the squashable items such as fruit, vegetables and bread in the first couple of aisles.

    Evening Mail news round-up

  • A highchair that's portable, washable and squashable, yes please!


  • Combat is fast, frequent and gory, while the arsenal of ten weapons covers all the expected bases and still finds room for such fun additions as the Shrink Ray, which reduces your foes to squashable size, and the Freeze Gun, which lets you shatter their icy carcasses with a well-placed kick.


  • Now and then a roach shows up on the floor, and all the Babies try to roll over to look (being Bulbs they seem perfectly symmetrical, Skippy, but don't forget the contact at the top of the thread) going uh-guh! uhhhh-guh!, glowing feebly at the bewildered roach sitting paralyzed and squashable out on the bare boards, rushing, reliving the terror of some sudden blast of current out of nowhere and high overhead the lambent, all-seeing Bulb.

    Gravity's Rainbow


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