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  • adv. In a squat manner, or while being squat


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

squat +‎ -ly


  • Beyond, there are several low-rise apartment buildings, all sitting squatly in their uniformly boring brownness.

    Window Pain

  • A wooden cask of brandy sat squatly against the other wall, an old saber hanging incongruously above it.


  • Once or twice she had turned squatly in her seat to look at him, her wide toad's mouth stretched in what he thought had been a gloating smile.

    Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

  • The one was short, squatly built, with short hair and was approximately 30 years of age.

    Children of Resistence

  • The creature howled its wrath and pain as a fireball of jellied fuel engulfed the rough wet leather of its squatly amphibian body.

    The Legacy of Heorot

  • Stumpy Niles was a squatly built man, needing the nearly two-inch riding heels on his boots to reach the five-foot-seven-inch mark.

    Mistletoe and Holly

  • Openings which must have served as doors were squatly oval.

    Splinter Of The Mind's Eye

  • His eyes jerked and quivered in vague, fleeting glances at the four men with him; Barclay, six feet tall and weighing over 190 pounds; McReady, a bronze giant of a man; Dr. Copper, short, squatly powerful; and Benning, five-feet-ten of wiry strength.

    Science Fiction Hall of Fame

  • High behind the house, dominating the whole place, a huge onion-shaped water storage tank sat squatly on top of a spindly looking tower.

    Blood Sports

  • Jorn studied the photographs anxiously, despite his inner resignation; but the towns were uniformly mud-brick affairs, each structure heaped squatly into a pyramid, with the levels connected by ramps.

    And all the Stars a Stage


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