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  • verb Present participle of squatter.
  • adjective obsolete Straggling; messy.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From squatter +‎ -ing.


  • We had by now joined the rest of the party, and were all soon squattering about on our own account in the elephant bath.

    Travels in West Africa

  • Their eyes watered with the keen tang of the peat reek, till, tired with watching the squattering of ducks in farm puddles, they turned as usual upon the family sagaman, and demanded, with that militant assurance of youth which succeeds so often, that he should forthwith and immediately "tell them something."

    Red Cap Tales Stolen from the Treasure Chest of the Wizard of the North

  • There was a moment of breathless waiting; a loud report: and a squattering and whirring as the flock flew away toward the hill.

    Where the Sun Swings North

  • There was a thrill in the cautious creeping toward the lake wreathed in the gossamer mists of the autumn morning, and the wriggling through the stiffened yellow grass, and a pang of delighted wonder at coming so close to the wild, winged things, squattering and making soft duck-chatterings in the shadow of the reeds.

    Where the Sun Swings North

  • No blustering liner, no fussy tug, no squattering steamer, she; but a bluff-bowed, smartly painted, trim-built sailing barge, plying chiefly from the lower reaches of the

    Golden Stories A Selection of the Best Fiction by the Foremost Writers

  • I was all the more surprised to meet her one very snowy Sunday afternoon, sloshing along the road in the liquid mire, the little dog squattering sadly behind, her small black paws sliding on the ice-crusted paving.


  • A mother duck with brood of ten comes squattering along;

    Rhymes of a Rolling Stone

  • The soaring "goonies" that had followed them from Flattery had dropped astern at first sight of the volcanic headlands, and now countless thousands of sea-parrots fled from the ship's path, squattering away in comic terror, dragging their fat bodies across the sea as a boy skips a flat rock.

    The Silver Horde

  • The herd instinct, without which a nation would be a mob, ruled here and gave the belated one his place, and after a while of squattering about and sniffing and blowing he settled down with quieted eyes to rest.

    The Beach of Dreams

  • The entire Pack flung themselves at the shore, threshing and squattering through the shoal water, till the face of the Waingunga was all white and torn, and the great ripples went from side to side, like bow-waves from a boat.

    The Second Jungle Book


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