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  • adj. Engendering a feeling of disgust, distaste, nausea or revulsion. But with a judgment call over the rightness or wrongness of the something.


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Blend of squeamish and icky


  • It's like fish sauce, which adds so much to Asian dishes, but is kind of squicky if you think about it too much.

    Salty Goodness

  • Kingsley's anti-Catholicism deserves the adjective "squicky" he's far more overtly obsessed with sex than most of his contemporaries, but it's still the case that the novels themselves feature solid plotting and good dialogue.


  • One just needs to be sure to write the scenarios with the proper amounts of trust and fun, along with keeping the characters actually IC, and while potentially squicky for some people, it can work.

    Supernatural Fic Rec

  • I think a writer purposefully taking on S&M or related scenarios has to be really good at what s/he is doing, because otherwise it can turn into stereotyping the individuals into m/f gender roles, which carries all sorts of squicky implications.

    Supernatural Fic Rec

  • I've been squicked by things that were not strictly speaking all that squicky ... and then I read this Wincest fic and it goes down just fine.

    Supernatural Fic Rec

  • It was squicky, they said; it made the scene completely non-erotic.


  • His preoccupation with tweens is also sort of squicky -- he's like a 13-year-old girl with ADHD and a mean streak, trapped in a gay man's body.

    He who must not be paid attention

  • Eleven year-olds having (implied) sex with 15-year-olds and stuff much more squicky.

    Age-appropriate at SF Novelists

  • I'm trying to decide if Jack should attempt to seduce Jackie at some point or if that's just too squicky.

    Lazy Day

  • She'd probably still be squicky about the whole thing, but hey.

    This Little Girl Said X, and This Little Girl Said Y


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