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  • n. Plural form of squid.


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  • As his company lies incapacitated by dehydration, as weather and geography prevent resupply from helicopters while the company is pinned down by North Vietnamese troops, the captain orders the medics—called "squids"—to pull the IVs from the wounded in order to hydrate the "effectives"—functioning soldiers—so that they can survive the next assault by the enemy and continue the mission.

    Twelve Months of Reading

  • "Now, you alley-spawned son of a tavern hag, open the weapon lockers before the witch calls the squids to drag us all down to Umberlee!"

    The Veiled Dragon

  • Also to my ex, 'cause apparently "squids" is a nickname for sailors.

    Pen-Elayne on the Web

  • The petrochemical spill by BP has ceased shipping in an effort to prevent the spill from spoiling sea life, such as squids, cetaceans and other cephalopods, while the Iceland volcano continues to cause chaos, creating ever decreasing aircraft corridors. : Spoof News : Front Page

  • The Wall Street blood sucking vampire squids are supposed to, somehow, profit on this business model?

    L. Randall Wray: Nightmare on Wall Street

  • The OccupyWallStreet movement has attracted a diverse, articulate and educated group united in their resolve to unsnarl the tentacles of Wall Street's vampire squids from around society's arteries.

    Suzanne O'Keeffe: American Autumn in Los Angeles -- OccupyWallSt Joins Main Street

  • My memories of biology are still not pleasant (when we were dissecting squids, one of the kids in class spilled the bag of dead squid, and the whole hall smelled of fish and formaldehyde for two weeks), but I did avoid passing out or being sick.

    On Kindness « Tales from the Reading Room

  • Here breathtaking landscapes and authentic Mexican faces can be seen nearby riotously colorful dishes, region-specific raw ingredients and local flora that might have come from another planet, like long-tendrilled Tepejilote flowers that look more like mutant baby squids than edible vegetation.


  • Their definition of forage fish includes fishes, squids, and the shrimp-like crustaceans called krill that swarm in cold waters where they feed everything from seabirds to whales.

    Carl Safina: Seabirds: The Other Seafood Lovers

  • It contains a protein also found in the squids 'eyes that is used to "see" light.

    Odin's Day


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