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  • v. Present participle of squiggle.


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  • The fundamental components of any literary articulation — as a babbling in sound or a squiggling in ink — are phonemes or graphemes, verbal or visual figurae.

    Notes on Notes

  • With more energy than expertise, the Yaps suffered many disasters -- the most devastating in 1989 when flooding flushed many thousands of fish out of their ponds and sent them squiggling toward the Straits of Jahor.

    Swimming Upstream

  • Locals consider it unsafe to eat casu marzu once the larvae have died, so it is served while the translucent white worms, about one-third of an inch long, are still squiggling.

    You Eat That?

  • Worried about losing track, I started drawing a genealogical chart after a few chapters, but it was futile: a tangle of names and squiggling lines.

    2009 May 04 « One-Minute Book Reviews

  • Mr. Lloyd's playing on tenor and, on one track, alto saxophone is breathy and ribbon-like when squiggling to or from a melodic line; firmly formed yet transparent, like the surface of a pool, on long tones.

    An Offering of 'Tenderness Sutras'

  • I have no firm evidence of McCain skullduggery, but I can see plenty of suspiciously fortuitous timing, squirming, squiggling, and on again off again events.

    McCain Making His Own Luck | Disinformation

  • He rounded the cabin to where the land sloped away less aggressively with breaks that might look like paths squiggling between swatches of pines that stair-stepped down the mountain.


  • So after cleaning up the mess, wiping a squiggling bottom, then wrangling Boo into some clothes, I headed back to the shower.

    Jekylls and Hydes

  • Strange not to have someone small squiggling around and kicking my belly ever again, but still the right thing for us.

    The Future By Thirds | Her Bad Mother

  • Don stopped him and continued squiggling furiously.

    A Small Death in the Great Glen


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