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  • n. The landed gentry considered as a group or class.

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  • n. the land-owning gentry

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  • n. In England, government by the squires, or “country gentlemen”—that is, the large landed proprietors, most of whom are justices of the peace, and who, before the Reform Bill of 1832, and to a certain extent after it, had great influence in the House of Commons.
  • n. The squires themselves collectively.

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  • n. the gentry who own land (considered as a class)


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squire +‎ -archy


  • From all that I could gather from her, I was led to suppose that he was a specimen of the idle, coarse-mannered, profligate, low-minded 'squirearchy' -- a result which might naturally have flowed from the circumstance of his being, as it were, outlawed from society, and driven for companionship to grades below his own -- enjoying, too, the dangerous prerogative of spending much money.

    The Purcell Papers — Volume 2

  • Free trade was never the French cup of tea, but Bastiat was determined to import the success of Richard Cobden's crusade against the tariffs that protected the grain-growing British squirearchy a.k.a., the "corn laws".

    For Love of Laissez-Faire

  • The fact that he ascended to the leadership of the Ulster Unionists was something of an upset, since he is not of the Anglo-Irish "squirearchy" that for generations has controlled unionism in Northern Ireland.

    Northern Ireland - The Way Ahead

  • Cameron to go to war with Tory 'squirearchy' who claimed swimming pools, helipad, chandelier ... and ... - Articles related to Packing light makes a vacation better

  • We Palinodes have carried one kind of squirearchy to its ridiculous conclusion, that’s all.

    More Work for the Undertaker

  • It is this ‘squirearchy’ that most resembles the situation in the Shire at the time of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.

    superversive: Gondor, Byzantium, and Feudalism

  • Maria Friedman makes the innkeeper the epitome of narrow-minded prejudice, Jo Stone-Fewings embodies the idiocy of the local squirearchy and Teddy Kempner is the boobyish village bobby.

    The Invisible Man – review

  • So therewe are; the impoverished squirearchy can sleep sound tonight: the Labour partyis onlyinterested if you're nouveau riche - how gloriously snobby.

    Gordon Brown, Charlie Whelan and Me

  • The Enlightenment collides with the squirearchy in this ­Regency novel set in a Welsh manor over Christmas.

    Books on Drinking

  • But if Mr. Lampton was born to anything, it was the actuarial tables, not the squirearchy.

    Squire of Indemnity Was a Louisville Legend


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