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  • n. Plural form of squirming.


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  • He did not go out of his way to express it with overtures of wrigglings and squirmings and whimpering yelpings.


  • A victim of possession, played with grand-guignol gusto by Marta Gastini, responds to Father Lucas's ministrations with elaborate writhings and squirmings; a male victim wouldn't have given the genre its requisite sexual charge.

    Hopkins Can't Right 'Rite'

  • Heckerling captures her characters 'squirmings with affection and wonder.

    Drugs, Sex, Whatever

  • In a surprisingly short time he had slumped to the floor, and not until his squirmings ceased did Eddie loose that awful grip.

    "Terrors Unseen" by Harl Vincent, part 8

  • The foreign policy priesthood has certainly wobbled from wrong to incoherent on the war--and the embarrassing squirmings of Michael O'Hanlon in an attempt to respond to criticisms that I and others made don't help much.

    I Remain Bi - Swampland -

  • You are a sad and warped little man if you are so negatively inclined so as to confuse squirmings of joy with fear and sadness.

    Paul Nelson: Skepticism of the dino bird hypothesis explored - The Panda's Thumb

  • Bloom, Hearnden, your entire argument is arrant nonsense, much ado about nothing, a warmarian tempest in a climatological teapot, the crock-a-doodle-dooing of a chickenlittlesian, the febrile squirmings of a can-o-warms.

    Road Map « Climate Audit

  • The girl at the right noticed her squirmings and felt sorry for her.

    Sister Carrie

  • The tiny male in her arms now was her dearest love, and he, in his squirmings, gave her plenty to do.

    The Berrybender Narratives

  • Lawksamercy, doctor, cried the young blood in the primrose vest, feigning a womanish simper and with immodest squirmings of his body, how you do tease a body!



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