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  • noun archaic Watery stool.
  • noun communications engineering A random broadcast of data occurring either intentionally or in response to noise.
  • verb To create watery stool; to squirt.
  • verb communications engineering To broadcast squitter.


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  • "squitter" and squeeze more data into available radio spectrum.

    Tech Beat - BusinessWeek

  • What's the point of having somebody spending three whole orbital periods out in the bloody Gagrakacka Mind Zones, with all that stuff going on out there, if this load of anaemic squitter is the best he can be bothered to send us.

    Mostly Harmless

  • Babilon, and of the dispensation of the kole, and the squitter squanderin of the wherewithalls, and the supernakullums.

    Anna St. Ives

  • I just want to say, if JK Rowling really wanted to pointlessly squitter a million quid on a shiftless, directionless loser who hasn't got a clue what he's going to be doing this time next week, she should have given it to me instead of Gordon Brown.

    Chicken Yoghurt

  • (One cannot overlook the important frequentatives skitter and probable variant squitter ` to void thin excrement. ')

    VERBATIM: The Language Quarterly Vol XI No 3

  • While on the topic, I was super-amused to see @goldmansachs - someone who is honest enough to call themselves a ’squitter’: in their words, ’someone who registers a brand name twitter handle for safekeeping and future profit’!!!

    Thoughts on Corporate Twittering « One Size Fits One


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