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  • single-stranded DNA
  • A group of viruses with such DNA.


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  • For example, the term has also been used by molecular enzymologists to describe the characteristic motion in a "Model for ssDNA translocation" and for a kind of acrylic yarn, manufactured in several variegated patterns, that can be machine washed, laid flat to dry, and is considered excellent value for money!

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  • This happens when DNA is damaged/when replication forks stall, ssDNA builds up, RecA binds to LexA and causes it to cut itself in half, it no longer suppresses the SOS, etc etc.

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  • Due to the intrinsic functional advantage of DNA over RNA and proteins, all extant biology is evolved from the "DNA-World," in which all biological functions (catalysis, kinesis, editing, information storage, etc.) were performed by ssDNA polymers.

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  • The genetic material can be dsRNA, ssDNA, or dsDNA between 5 and 500 kilo base pairs long with either circular or linear arrangement.

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  • The M13 virion consists of a single-stranded DNA (ssDNA) genome surrounded by a protein coating in the form of a long filament.

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  • Upon entering the cell, the ssDNA genome is converted into a double-stranded form (dsDNA).

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  • Similarly, the different elements composing the virions, namely the capsid proteins and the ssDNA are also produced from the dsDNA and therefore virions production is expected to be proportional to the production of

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  • Both single-stranded DNA (A) and double-stranded DNA (B) are adsorbed onto a graphene surface, but the interaction is stronger with ssDNA, causing the fluorescence on the ssDNA to darken more.

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  • The GS20 Library Prep Kit was used per manufacturer's protocol to make a ssDNA library suitable for amplification using the GS20 emPCR Kit and then prepared for sequencing on the Genome Sequencer 20 Instrument using the GS 20 Sequencing Kit.

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  • Binding sites of the E. coli DNA recombinase protein to the ssDNA: A computational study.

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