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  • n. A horse-drawn coach that runs routinely between two destinations to transport passengers and mail.


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stage + coach


  • He tossed me onto his broad back and headed down the stairs, smelling of his Wild Country cologne, that fine Avon product, which was in the little stage-coach bottle on his dresser.


  • Beneath that, he said, are remnants of living quarters for stage-coach drivers.

    Protesters in Moscow Find Rallies Disrupted by a Dig

  • Instead we are caught between genre frameworks, glimpsing other massacres in the carnage of the drug deal gone sour, glimpsing beneath this the ruins of a stage-coach or a wagon train attacked by Indians, shoot-outs between rival gangs of bandits and cowboys, chests of Confederate gold or Union bonds or money from bank jobs.

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  • One League leader even wondered at the reemergence of quaint tavern inns “that marked the stopping-places of the old stage-coach, which, in the years following the Revolution, used to make the distance between Boston and New York in six days.”

    The King's Best Highway

  • “Along this, perhaps the most characteristic of New England streets, galloped in olden days the post, or rolled the stage-coach, from New York to the Hub,” it continued.

    The King's Best Highway

  • Pacific railroad, and on arriving at Corinne 'Station, the next beyond Ogden, took passage by stage-coach for Helena, the capital of Montana Territory.

    She Makes Her Mouth Small & Round & Other Stories

  • I am an architect, and was fascinated with the picturesque, quaint, romantic nature of the original building. (7 foot ceilings, and the organized chaos of the plan) While standing in line at the bar … an hour long wait for a table was not unusual at that time, Mike informed me that the building was once a stage-coach stop along the Texas to Oklahoma route, through Dallas.

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  • It carried me away, like the enchanted carpet, to a distant place (though still in England), and there, alighting from a stage-coach at another Inn in the snow, as I had actually done some years before, I repeated in my sleep a curious experience I had really had there.

    The Holly-Tree

  • There being no stage-coach next day, upon the road we wished to take, I hired ‘an extra,’ at a reasonable charge to carry us to Tiffin; a small town from whence there is a railroad to

    American Notes for General Circulation

  • This extra was an ordinary four-horse stage-coach, such as I have described, changing horses and drivers, as the stage-coach would, but was exclusively our own for the journey.

    American Notes for General Circulation


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