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  • transitive v. To serve as overall supervisor of the stage and actors for (a theatrical production).
  • transitive v. To direct or manipulate from behind the scenes, as to achieve a desired effect; orchestrate: "felt certain that [the] demonstrations had ... been carefully stage-managed” ( Time).


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  • Remember that the GOP loves to stage-manage its "public" events - tickets distributed to the politically safe, people turned away (or arrested) because they're wearing the wrong t-shirt.

    Democrats say Republicans staging town hall protests

  • The Parliament that Egyptians are now electing will draft a constitution, a process Egypt's interim military leadership has already tried to stage-manage several times, despite pushback from political parties.

    Egypt Raids Worry Targets, Draw U.S. Rebuke

  • You would perhaps want to stage-manage an ultramodern assembly hall, a place to bring dignitaries to witness the moment when the Volt's mega battery pack — the piece on which all else depends — is united with the svelte chassis.

    Chevrolet Volt: A Win for the Home Team

  • After a series of disclosures in recent weeks painting government regulators and electric utilities as collaborating to stage-manage public community forums on local nuclear power, efforts to restart idled Japanese nuclear reactors have screeched to a halt.

    Scandal Taints Japan Nuclear Sector

  • The power shift in Cairo puts new pressure on the Obama administration, which was often left in the dark as the revolution played out and stumbled in its efforts to stage-manage Mr. Mubarak's exit.

    Fall of Mubarak Shakes Middle East

  • In 2008, Google hired a new chief financial officer, the first whose job was not to manage explosive growth and stage-manage epochal events such as an IPO.

    In the Plex

  • The military has repeatedly sought to stage-manage the selection of 100 delegates to a constitutional drafting committee that will be charged with writing the founding document.

    Egyptian Soccer Protests Escalate

  • Now, says the Career College Association, some are trying to stage-manage the reporting of negative stories to fuel the impression of a groundswell of anger against the schools.

    ProPublica: Investment Funds Stir Controversy Over For-Profit School Recruiting

  • His campaign has tried to stage-manage Palin's exposure to the public.

    Chicago Tribune Endorses Obama

  • In fact, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan doggedly pursued Middle East peace before the Gaza incursion, working for two years to try and stage-manage a rapprochement between Israel and Syria.

    Doug Sarro: Turkey and the West: Everybody Take a Valium


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