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  • n. The proprietary right of the author of a dramatic composition in respect to its performance; the exclusive right to perform or authorize the performance of a particular drama. Compare copyright.


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  • Here's Guy on his cellphone, here's Joey, here's the Proprietor on a balcony stage-right, as ominous as she is elegant, here's Jack staggering onto the dias, and here's Puck coming on stage-right, being stopped in his tracks by the Fates.

    Adventures of a Couch-Hopping Scribbler Part 2: That Toddlin Town

  • Notably, during and directly stage-right of the boistrous Klingon Summit panel (full costumes, full Klingon 'tude, fully-delighted audience), I ask Creation co-founder Adam Malin (who looks too young to have begun the company in 1971) how this super-cool event came to be.

    Gregory Weinkauf: 'Star Trek' Celebrates Its 45th Anniversary in Las Vegas

  • Seven guided us into the stage-right offstage wing and through a maze of stacked lumber, stage lights, and other material.

    Fatal Circle

  • Just off center above us yawned the dark rectangle of the open trapdoor through which I would make my entrance, dangling on a rope that ran across through pulleys, so the free end could be held by my uncle, standing behind the stage-right frame.

    Wicked Will

  • With Iraq fading from the front pages, enter Russia stage-right.

    Lionel Beehner: A New Cold War Does Not Benefit Obama

  • At one point there is a little girl playing stage-right and I go over to her and I start talking to her, thinking maybe because she's young I can get her to break character and talk to me, and I am trying to get her to tell me her name.

    Archive 2008-08-01

  • I'm in the back row of the chorus, just beneath the stage-right balcony ... not that you can see me or anything, but still.

    Want to hear me sing?

  • Enter the PROPRIETOR, stage-right, quietly and unseen.

    Nowhere Town: Act TWO Scene III

  • CHORUS lifts his glass but flourishes it stage-right, an introduction.

    Nowhere Town: Act ONE Scene III

  • The REGULARS are coming on from stage-left and stage-right, filing through the doorway, which has the “EXIT” lit up.

    Nowhere Town: Act TWO Scene I


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