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  • adj. Resembling or characteristic of a stage (setting where a dramatic work is performed).
  • adj. proceeding through discrete stages; often used of developmental processes.


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stage +‎ -like


  • They are his most "Vermeer-like" efforts, with the figures, in tile-floored rooms bathed in cool light, seated in shallow stagelike spaces defined by paintings and mirrors hung behind them.

    A Dutch Master Returns

  • These subjects were often depicted half-length and close up, cast in dramatic contrasting light and shadow "chiaroscuro" in Italian and set in a shallow, stagelike space - all pictorial innovations adopted from Caravaggio.

    At National Gallery, two paintings by one Dutch master add up to a sublime exhibition

  • The painter's extraordinary image is arranged in the shallow, stagelike space afforded by the rough stone ledge that would become Chardin's trademark and against the backdrop of a squared stone wall.

    A Monumental Moment

  • The statue—which lay on its side in front of the stagelike platform—was one of the four rare moai cut from basalt and one of the oldest statues on the island, from the early period when the statues were shorter, their faces more horizontally aligned; it was one of the statues suspected to have existed before the arrival of the Polynesians.


  • At the very end, James leapt up on this stagelike area it was really weird because his little legs were like the size of M & M's compared to his body.


  • There was also a stagelike area in the center of the space, with a few pieces of furniture and a bed.

    The Woman in the Fifth

  • Once the major cognitive functions of the brain become fully operational in mid-adolescence, the stagelike development of childhood is supplanted by multidirectional development, but this is still dependent on the foundation laid by our genes and our childhood experiences.

    Born to Believe

  • If you are making a presentation to a large group, you might have no choice but to present from a stagelike setting, which immediately sends the message of Us v.

    Life Is a Series of Presentations

  • The tent seemed to be on the easternmost edge of a broad shelf of grassy land, almost stagelike, below the cliff, which curved slightly so that the top projected more than the base.

    Darksong Rising

  • The dining room, small but not cramped, has thirteen tables a not unlucky number in feng-shui on a raised, stagelike platform.

    The New Yorker


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