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  • Staggering; inclining to stagger or fall.


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  • But then I do think, about Mr. Boydston, and I take a staggery left at the billiard room entrance and plant myself on a stool by the wall.

    AT CHARLIE’S • by Nancy Wilcox

  • It took me right back to Jaya's first steps, I'd forgotton how slow and staggery those early steps are, he's such a demon at cruising now it looked very funny.

    tequilamonky Diary Entry

  • Jack, a bit staggery and holding to the back of a chair, mopped the cut on his temple with a handkerchief, his wife's handkerchief, in his free hand.

    Ainslee's, Vol. 15, No. 5, June 1905

  • They are always lounging against the store windows or posts for support, bleary-eyed, dissipated, swaggery, staggery.

    Prudence Says So

  • But nobody could have denied that his walk, though staggery, was a genuine walk, and his speech, though limited, genuine speech, within the meaning of the act.

    The Coming of Bill

  • Then John looks after the staggery; Henry works the coloured fountain; and Peter paints the peacocks 'tails.

    The Holiday Round

  • You will be amused to hear that although, or perhaps because, I had evolved out of myself 'Mr. Quirke' as a conscious philanthropist, an old man from the workhouse told me two days ago that he had been a butcher of Quirke's sort and was quite vainglorious about it, telling me how many staggery sheep and the like he had killed, that would, if left to die, have been useless or harmful.

    Our Irish Theatre: A Chapter of Autobiography

  • We took her ashore with us -- each holding one arm, for she was frightfully staggery at first -- and made her smuggle our cigarettes for us through the custom-house.

    Lalage's Lovers

  • She put the blistered papers with the staggery letters away in the cupboard to keep.

    The Japanese Twins

  • It was a staggery place, even for a sturdily muscled young man like Mr. Turner to keep his footing, and with that fair burden upon him he had to stand some little time poised there to retain his balance.

    The Early Bird A Business Man's Love Story


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