from The Century Dictionary.

  • noun The American bittern, Botaurus mugitans or lentiginosus: so called from its cry, which is likened to driving a stake into the ground with a mallet. Also pile-driver, pump-thunder, thunder-pumper, etc.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English.

  • noun (Zoöl.) The common American bittern (Botaurus lentiginosus); -- so called because one of its notes resembles the sound made in driving a stake into the mud. Called also meadow hen, and Indian hen.

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  • noun a kind of bittern


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  • There was a surly stake-driver by the name of Shurd who was lazy and otherwise offensive among hard - working men.

    The U. P. Trail

  • He was one of the stake-driver fairies, who live in the dark and lonesome places along the creeks in the Hoosier country.

    Queer Stories for Boys and Girls

  • "Put my yellow waistcoat back where you got it, ke-whack!" said the stake-driver, shivering.

    Queer Stories for Boys and Girls

  • Bobby then saw that it was not a stake-driver, but a long-legged, long-necked, short-bodied gentleman, in

    Queer Stories for Boys and Girls

  • But the gentleman stake-driver must have been offended, for he walked away into the water and disappeared among the willows, saying, "Ke-whack! ke-whack!" in an indignant way at every step.

    Queer Stories for Boys and Girls

  • It was one sleepy summer afternoon that Bobby sat on the root of a beech-tree, watching a stake-driver who stood in the water as if looking for his dinner of tadpoles, when what should the homely bird do but walk right out on the land and up to Bobby.

    Queer Stories for Boys and Girls

  • He said ke-whack after his words because that is the polite thing to do among the stake-driver fairies.

    Queer Stories for Boys and Girls

  • When once the stake-driver fairy had gone, Bob was troubled.

    Queer Stories for Boys and Girls

  • And Bobby looked after him until he saw the stake-driver, shorn of his fine clothes, sweep over his head and go flying up the creek again.

    Queer Stories for Boys and Girls

  • Bobby, seeing that the key had ceased to move, pulled it out and turned toward the open door to see the stake-driver wearing a yellow vest, which he was examining with care, saying, "Ke-whack, ke-whack," as he did so.

    Queer Stories for Boys and Girls


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