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  • adj. superlative form of stale: most stale.


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  • A-listers like Robert Downey Jr. who - after being introduced by Gervais with the stalest of Betty Ford gags -- stole the show when he asked the ballroom of borrowed rags and gems:

    Ricky Gervais Globes-hosting kerfuffle does not move ratings needle

  • But first, in the key areas of foreign and economic policy, he surrounded himself with the old crew, the deadest of heads, and the stalest Washington thinking around.

    Tom Engelhardt: Handicapping the Global Midterms: Winners and Losers

  • Still, the two stalest items were a huge relief to finally do.

    Getting things done

  • Why waste another precious hour of your life watching all those inside-the-Beltway bozos compete to see who can offer the most ossified observations, the stalest sound bites?

    Kerry Trueman: If It's Friday, It's Meet the Bloggers

  • Widespread conviction can be false, of course, which is why the method of the School of Common Sense was thought suspect by many, described by Kant, for example, as a stratagem by which “the stalest windbag can confidently take up with the soundest thinker” (Kant 1951: 259).


  • Too bad their leader prefers to sell the party down the river in order to throw her support to the Liberals, the oldest of the old-line parties, the stalest of the stale, precisely the type of old-guard, cozy institutionalism against which the Greens stand firmly opposed.

    Archive 2008-10-01

  • A catamite appeared, the stalest of all mankind, well worthy of that house.


  • The rowdies laughed themselves sick, so moved were they by that ludicrous scene, for here was I, mounted by the stalest of catamites, involuntarily and almost unconsciously responding with as rapid a cadence to him as Quartilla did in her wriggling under me.


  • I am also too uncool to keep up with the latest or even stalest alternative rock.

    Dissident - UPDATED

  • The prince, when he heard the story afterwards, felt that he had never yet come across so wonderful a humorist, or such remarkable brilliancy as was shown by this man; and yet if he had only known it, this story was the oldest, stalest, and most worn-out yarn, and every drawing-room in town was sick to death of it.

    The Idiot


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