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  • At handing of this now in reception, islamic official counted to stop handing by provocations and effort of fabrication. now i am hurried up by stalinistic attachment to pass inform and record videos for you as a military mashine, without pausa, because they count to stop informing of you by mass supression as always. - Articles related to Gazprom, Ukrainian authorities discuss gas price

  • All it has led to is higher illegitimate births, broken families and generations living on welfare. chips is simply another plan to incrementally install socialized medicine, to ration health care and destroy care on demand with free choice as to doctor, insurance and whether you wish to participate in some stalinistic program.


  • J. Berley-sparay of my husband bef courts and politicl evenst-an dfor this direct information i was arrested at US Embassy ,10th., sept. ,2009th = and for this arrets they made psychiatry forwarding to stop cassatiomn abotu this arrest court ignore. an dthis si because i made message for UN blind this night-ogoltelaja animally islamsitic dictatorshitpin russia with totalitarian anti-semitism - and full ban on all human rights fro native-as russia as jewish population-but you come to russai to taek advice of stalinistic and new islamsitic neo-nazi batchers what to do with israel.ebalo. what to do with russia? islamsitci firm cemented nuclear regimewith thrreaten to all the wlrd by their debilism whree middle age - Articles related to Russia and US go to war over 'Merchant of Death'


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