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  • This is something I am usually careful about, but the people were playing so slowly, and hidden from my viewin the first instance by a stand of trees well below me, and in the second by an elevated green well abovethat I assumed theyd made their shots long before and moved on.

    The Italian Summer

  • To carve logging roads through an old-growth wilderness, or to clearcut a mixed stand of trees and then plant seedlings of one fastgrowing species, might both be taken as improvements; if biological diversity was reduced in the process, well, tough splinters, that wasn’t the Forest Service’s mandated concern.

    The Song of The Dodo

  • Ursos ordered a halt while the hunt continued, and the rest of the troop rode into a stand of trees and dismounted.

    Shield of Thunder

  • At midday they found Major Forrest with his small, mounted advance party waving to them from a stand of trees that grew between the road and the stream Harper had been hoping for.

    Sharpe's Eagle

  • The woman had been dragged across the beach and into a small stand of trees by the captain of the second ship, a burly Kretan with a shaved head.

    Shield of Thunder

  •    Morwen matched his reduction in speed, and a moment later they landed in a small stand of trees near the top of a hill.

    calling on dragons


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