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  • n. The state, quality, or condition of being standoffish or aloof and unsociable; aloofness.

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  • n. a disposition to be distant and unsympathetic in manner


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  • That standoffishness is what gives structure to everything we see in the universe.


  • New York "standoffishness" isn't impoliteness - it's actually people being polite and recongnizing everone else's bubbles of privacy.

    urban test

  • Or, my hunch, maybe the center, some of whose members have expressed a certain antipathy or standoffishness toward the tea party, simply doesn't care that it feels a certain antipathy or standoffishness.

    A Little Lady Predicts a Big Win

  • Our standoffishness becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy: The less we do to aid the protestors, the less influence we have.

    Obama's failure of imagination

  • As the fall elections approach, however, that standoffishness is melting into something else: a resigned embrace.

    A GOP–Tea Party Hug in Washington, D.C.

  • That thought really seemed to chill him, even though Carson was known for a standoffishness of his own.

    Nights with Johnny Carson: As long as it's been, we still long for them

  • This sudden standoffishness among our close allies comes at a strange time: after U.S. voters rejected the alpha-male politics of the Bush team and welcomed Mr. Sensitive into the White House.

    John Feffer: U.S. Allies: We Want Space

  • With a challenge in the air, the standoffishness subsided somewhat as the class began scrutinizing the man from head to toe.

    Unearthly Asylum

  • Quite consequently, however, it was the very standoffishness that Billy showed which brought Mr. Harding to so strongly approve of him.

    Grant Whitney Harvey: Moonshadows: Part 1

  • And in a final flourish for the alliance's diamond jubilee, France agreed to return to the fold, reintegrating into NATO after 43 years of standoffishness.

    John Feffer: Afghanistan: NATO's Graveyard?


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