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  • n. Informal Staphylococcus.

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  • n. Staphylococcus bacteria and its infection.

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  • n. spherical Gram-positive parasitic bacteria that tend to form irregular colonies; some cause boils or septicemia or infections


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From staphylococcus


  • Shakily, she picked her way carefully down the steps, wondering what the treatment would be like, and why she had never heard the word staph before.2


  • Anytime the term staph infection is mentioned in the fight game opponents and gym mates run for the hills.

    Yahoo! Sports - Top News

  • Today, methicillin resistant staph is common – infection with methicillin-resistant staph is one of the most common complications from major surgery in American hospitals.

    A Review of Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

  • Although the word staph is never mentioned in this post, it is morbidly refreshing to hear this story come out about Tom Brady a few days after Kellen Winslow's statements about his infections.

    BallHype - Top Sports News, Videos, and Blogs

  • Basically,these are patients who present more acutely ill with the lung infection often superimposed on various chronic illnesses and who have a higher incidence of certain microbes, namely staph aureus and various gram negative bacteria.

    "Health care associated pneumonia" looks like a concept here to stay

  • WHITFIELD: And now parents and health officials, well, they are on alert after a 12-year-old died from so-called staph superbug.

    CNN Transcript Oct 26, 2007

  • Well, parents and health officials, they're all on alert, after a 12-year-old dies from the so-called staph superbug.

    CNN Transcript Oct 26, 2007

  • A smiling seventh grader, now one of the latest victims of the so-called staph super bug.

    CNN Transcript Oct 27, 2007

  • The new study will focus on infections due to Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus bacteria, often referred to as a staph infection.

    The Daily Pennsylvanian

  • Staphylococcus aureus, also known as staph, or more literally, the golden cluster seed because of it's color and shape, is a spherical bacteria that usually resides on the skin or in the mucous membranes of humans and some animals.

    CreationWiki - Recent changes [en]


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