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  • n. A projection of part or all of the heavens, showing the fixed stars as they appear from the earth.


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  • I place the transparent scale on this star-map, revolving the scale on the North Pole.

    Chapter 10

  • Beneath a lantern, the dome is covered with Mr. Canning's turquoise-and-gold star-map, which recalls the Virgin's turquoise mantel and the stars that adorned it when she appeared to the indigenous Mexican peasant Juan Diego in 1531.

    A Return to Grace

  • 'I never thought the day would come,' groused the latter, scowling at the star-map over which the navigators pored.

    Science Fiction Hall of Fame

  • As far as they were able to determine from orbit, every-thing was exactly as it had been described on the star-map.

    Tar Aiym Krang

  • He entered the big oval room, lighted from overhead by the great star-map in the ceiling, and crossed to his desk, with the viewscreens and reading screens and communications screens around it, and as he sat down, he cursed angrily, first at Harv Dorflay and then, after a moment's reflection, at himself.

    Ministry of Disturbance

  • War Planning, with an incredibly complex star-map of the theater of war.

    The Cosmic Computer

  • For example -- he looked at the tri-di star-map, both usefully and beautifully decorating his walls -- over there, where Hoddy Ringo had gone, near Alderbaran IX.

    Lone Star Planet

  • Meanwhile the Prophet was conscientiously fulfilling his promise and keeping the oath he had pledged his honour over, although he had to work under a grave disadvantage in the total loss of his planisphere, or star-map.

    The Prophet of Berkeley Square

  • It is very instructive to observe a planet (say Mars or Jupiter) night after night and plot down its place with reference to the fixed stars on a celestial globe or star-map.

    Pioneers of Science

  • On the 24th January, Dr. Anderson, an astronomer in Edinburgh, noticed a yellowish star of the fifth magnitude in the constellation Auriga, and a week later, when he had compared a star-map with the heavens and made sure that the object was really a new star, he made his discovery public.

    The Story of the Heavens


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