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  • adj. superlative form of starchy: most starchy.


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  • The slightest progressive wrinkles of even the starchiest corporate Democrats have been ironed out by media steamrollers.

    Norman Solomon: Obama's Clarifying Win: The Fly on the Wall Is the Wall

  • It doesn't sound like a cheerful topic, and I don't suppose that is is, but it's a beautiful story beautifully told by young men in the starchiest and stuffiest school uniforms who whip out handheld microphones to sing their innermost thoughts, and the young women in long dresses who find something stirring but know not what.


  • For when only the starchiest of starches will do ... but you'd rather not work too hard.

    October Monday Starch

  • And that night he donned his starchiest uniform, pinned on his bright service medals, and made the round of the tiendas, throwing chests at the black-haired girls behind the counters.

    Terry A Tale of the Hill People

  • Sometimes they say that all starches should be avoided and in the next breath prescribe toast, one of the starchiest of foods.

    Maintaining Health Formerly Health and Efficiency

  • Miss Prunty had on her starchiest collar and most formal tie.

    Tales from Many Sources Vol. V

  • When they had a wedding that night, and Buck and Addy got married, we got ourselves up in the very starchiest of the professor's duds for the blow-out, and when they danced we jined in and shook a foot up there.

    Tom Sawyer Abroad

  • The cleanest and starchiest of curtains, the most dazzling and whitest of tidies and chair-covers, bespoke the adjacent laundry; indeed, the whole cottage seemed to exhale the odors of lavender soap and freshly ironed linen.

    A Protegee of Jack Hamlin's and Other Stories

  • She took life with a zest unknown to us New Yorkers, and let the starchiest people in the house know that she was glad to see them when they returned after an absence by going across the dining-room to shake hands with them and to inquire whether they had had a good time.


  • These changes make sense, except that not all carbs are treated equally: fructose-laden fruit and all but the starchiest vegetables have zero points under the new plan. Top Stories


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